Ecotech Marine / Reef Wholesale Coral Lab

We here at SMC are fortunate enough to be great friends with the folks over at Reef Wholesale in Toronto, Ontario. Because of this, we are able to be up close and personal with the progress underway on the Ecotech Marine Coral Lab. 

EcoTech Marine Launches Coral Lab!

EcoTech Coral Lab aims to become a clear, practical, and unified resource for reefkeeping enthusiasts (particularly EcoTech product owners) based on real world results and experience. EcoTech Coral lab will perform research as well as study existing hobby and industry success with the purpose of sharing knowledge to aid hobbyists in maximizing coral growth, coloration, health and propagation.

Coral Lab’s first publication provides an examination of a commercial aquaculturer’s experience switching to LED lighting (specifically Radions) and the spectrums that they utilize on their commercial systems.

Download the full white paper here:


We will be watching the progress and update you with photos and information as it progresses. Im sure we will see great things from these two outstanding companies. SMC is a customer of both and expects the same quality we see from them day in and day out will go into this project as well!

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