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At SMC, we promote and encourage the idea of attaining a sustainable aquarium industry as well as promoting ocean conservation, now and for the future. 
But in addition to that we want your aquarium experience to be a positive one as well.
To that end, we endeavour to provide you with information, equipment and aquarium life to allow your aquarium experience to be an enjoyable and sustainable one long term.
It is our opinion that successful and knowledgeable aquarium hobbyists are the ambassadors of reef and ocean conservation. It is you the hobbiest who spreads the word on the importance of the oceans and coral reefs.
We hope that the information shared here and on our social media sites will assist you in caring for a successful and healthy aquarium as well as inform you and others on some of the great and important work going on around the world.
 Sustainable Marine Canada  attempts to provide ethically obtained, sustainably collected,healthy, captive or tank bred, hobbyist fragged or rescued livestock. We will donate a portion of sales each year to organizations who are making strides in marine conservation.
Sustainable Marine is a proud member / supporter of :