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Flipper Aquarium Products

Flipper Nano Float (FLP-NANO-FLT)

Flipper Nano Float (FLP-NANO-FLT)

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The Flipper Nano Float (FLP-NANO-FLT) is an essential tool for aquarium hobbyists, designed to provide convenience and efficiency when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your aquarium. This versatile cleaning tool is highly recommended for aquarium owners in need of top-notch aquarium supplies.

With its compact and innovative design, the Flipper Nano Float is specifically crafted for small aquariums, making it perfect for nano tanks and other small aquatic environments. This product comes with a strong magnetic cleaner, capable of effortlessly removing algae and other undesirable deposits from the glass surfaces of your tank. No more hassle of reaching inside your aquarium or getting your hands wet!

Equipped with a buoyant floating device, this Flipper accessory ensures that you'll never lose it in the depths of your tank. Simply let go of the magnetic cleaner, and it will automatically rise to the water's surface, ready for your next use.

By using the Flipper Nano Float, you can easily maintain a clean and clear aquarium, allowing your aquatic pets and plants to thrive. This product helps to promote a healthy environment by effectively removing algae, keeping the glass surfaces crystal clear and enhancing visibility within the tank. Plus, with the added benefit of the floating device, you can confidently clean your tank without any disruptions or concerns.

At Sustainable Marine, located in Ontario, Canada, we are proud to offer a wide range of top-quality aquarium supplies, including the Flipper Nano Float (FLP-NANO-FLT). Shop with us today and experience the difference of sustainable and efficient aquarium maintenance!

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