Lifegard Crystal Aquarium 24 gallon w/Built-In Back Filter



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Low Iron 45 Degree Cut Glass

In pursuit of perfection Lifegard Aquatics is proud to introduce the ‘Crystal’ tank line. It is the latest technology in Ultra Clear 45° edge with invisible glue joint. Crystal tanks are rimless and made of ultralow iron 92% clear glass which allows the viewer an undisturbed viewing of their underwater masterpiece.

The extraordinary craftsmanship combined with the 45° ultrahigh precision cut edge bonded with high quality Clear Silicone glue makes it an exceptionally clear aquarium with none to match in the market. With Crystal aquariums you will enjoy the natural and true colors of your fish and aquascape.



Lifegard Quiet One 800 return pump

Mechanical Filter Sponge

Biological Media

Carbon Bio-Mate Balls


Overall Dimensions: 23.62" x 15.75" x 14.96" (60cm x 40cm x 38cm)

Glass Thickness: 0.24"/6mm

Total Volume: 24.09 US gallons/91.2 litres (minus filter media and pump)