Service Tanks - Seaforth Long Term Care and Retirement Residence

Tank Progression Photos   This is the tank as it was when we first encountered it. It needed a little TLC and some filtration upgrades.

 Visit 1 - June 5 2019 - We gave the tank a 3 hour cleaning. Took out every rock and scrubbed the algae off of them. We also installed a filtration system.

 Tank is looking much better, just needed some time to clear the water up again after the cleaning and water change. This will be a work in progress. They want it to be a colourful, fun and whimsical tank for the residents.

It’s important to understand your audience. The staff and residents weren’t interested in cultivating and trying to maintain a live reef. What they wanted was fun, whimsy, movement and color.  It’s meant to be a relaxing and entertaining space to gather, relax and observe:)