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Aquarium Services 1


Custom Aquarium Design and Installation
Sustainable Marine Canada designs, delivers and installs aquariums of all types and sizes. With your budget and desires in mind, we will provide the products, equipment and livestock to create the custom aquarium you have always wanted.

Aquarium Maintenance Services
Whether your aquarium needs weekly, bi-weekly or monthly maintenance we provide aquarium maintenance schedules that meets the needs of your system.

Water Chemistry Analysis
The basis of any healthy aquarium is water quality management. Attaining the proper balance of elements in an aquarium environment is essential as it keeps your aquarium looking beautiful and healthy. 

Aquarium Rentals and Leasing
Would your business or health care facility like to have a beautiful, calming and well maintained aquarium? Do you not you want to commit to the ongoing responsibilities yourself? Are you looking to avoid the hefty outlay of money to purchase a professionally designed aquarium system?

How about renting an aquarium?

We provide aquarium leasing options on many different types of aquarium systems.

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