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Adaptive Reef Apex 24v Audible/Visual Alarm (Single)

Available for pre-order

This audible and visual alarm will quickly bring your attention to an alarm condition on your Apex controller. It functions even if there is no internet connectivity, and is quick and easy to program.

Examples of conditions that you may want to trigger this 24v alarm:

  • Temperature out of range
  • pH out of range
  • Trident error condition (Out of reagent, failed test, etc)
  • Device pulling excessive power (Snail in return pump)
  • Apex ATK error

The alarm plugs into the 24v accessory ports on the EB832, 1link module, or FMM module (with power supply). It can also be used on a regular EB8/EB832 outlet with the Apex DC24v power supply, PS-DC24 (sold separately).

Size: Length: 5" x Height: 3" x Thickness: 1.75"

Includes instruction booklet for programming

If you already have your alarm outlet programmed, you can program the 24v port as simply as “Set Off” & “If outlet [AlarmOutletName] = on then on”. Ensure the 24v port is set to automatic.

Alternatively, you can put in standard code such as:

Set off
If Tmp < 75 then on
If pH < 7.6 then on