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BRS 7 Stage PRO Plus 75 GPD RO/DI System

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Why Does BRS Recommend This?

If you have hard to remove contaminants, your city uses chloramines, or you just are not sure what is in your water the BRS 7 Stage Pro Plus RO/DI system is the perfect solution to make ultra-pure water for your saltwater aquarium. The Triple DI Saver system uses separate cation and anion beds of resin and is backed up by a mixed bed of resin for final polishing. Using the resin in a single bed form allows for greater efficiency, letting you filter more water for less money. Each BRS 7 Stage Pro Plus system includes multiple accessories from source water connections, pressure gauge, and a triple TDS meter which lets you know the purity of the water the system is producing. 


BRS 7 Stage Pro RO/DI Systems are designed to produce ultra-pure water while being very efficient with deionization resin consumption. If your water is treated which chlorine, chloramines, or from a well the BRS 7 Stage will be able to clean your water down to 0 TDS after the triple DI system. Many water supplies have impurities like phosphates, ammonia, and CO2 that can use up deionization resin quickly and by using single bed cation and anion resins that are backed up by a mixed bed resin, you will only need to replace the DI cartridge that has been exhausted.

Every BRS RODI system can be installed within minutes with the easy to use Mur-lok push-connect fittings that allow you to make leak-free connections. Bulk Reef Supply RO/DI systems only use the latest filters and components in Reverse Osmosis technology. We have designed our RO/DI units especially for reef tanks, but they can produce perfect water for other types of saltwater and freshwater aquariums too. If you have a well, or you are connected to city water we offer a variety of RO/DI systems that will fit your aquarium's needs.


7 Stage Pro RO/DI Features:

  • Super efficient with DI consumption
  • Includes BRS Pro resin
  • Produce 0 TDS water
  • Minimal wastewater
  • Includes Float Valve and Inline Ball Valve
  • Multiple source water connections
  • Mur-lok Push Connect dual EPDM O-Ring fittings
  • 10 Ft Each of 1/4" Blue, Red and Black Tubing
  • Pre-installed NSF Certified Filters NSF Certified


PLUS RO/DI System Included Upgrades

  • HM Digital Inline Triple TDS Meter - Instantly know the purity of your water, before it enters the deionization system, after the single bed resins, and then your final product water after the Pro Mixed Bed resin stage. The inline probes come pre-installed and with the simple push of a button, your waters TDS is displayed on the LDC monitor. 
  • Glycerin Filled Pressure Gauge - Reverse Osmosis membranes require a particular amount of pressure to operate efficiently, and using a pressure gauge will help ensure your system is performing correctly. Pressure Gauges also work as a great indicator of when sediment or carbon blocks start to become clogged. 
  • Membrane Flush Valve - Keep your RODI system running like new by flushing the membrane for a few minutes before and after each use. Membrane flushing helps remove any built-up mineral deposits from your membrane, that could harm performance, or even cause a complete clog.

7 Stage Pro RO/DI Systems - Perfect for almost any water condition, but if you have contaminants that use excessive amounts of DI resin, the 7 Stage RODI system is the ideal choice. It uses cation and anion single bed resins that give you added control and cost savings over traditionally used mixed bed resins. Most water supplies tend to exhaust either the positively or negatively charged resin more quickly than the other, and by separating the standard mixed bed resin into single beds, you are no longer throwing away good deionization resin.


7 Stages of Filtration

Stage 1 - GE ROSave.Z 1 Micron Depth Sediment Filter NSF Certified

Stage 2 - BRS 1 Micron Universal Carbon Block NSF Certified 

Stage 3 - BRS 1 Micron Universal Carbon Block NSF Certified 

Stage 4 - Dow Filmtec Reverse Osmosis Membrane NSF Certified

Stage 5 - Pro Series Cation Deionization Resin

Stage 6 - Pro Series Anion Deionization Resin

Stage 7 - Pro Mixed Bed Cation Deionization Resin


 BRS 7 Stage RO/DI System Instructions


*DOW Filmtec 75 GPD Membranes have a 96% - 99% typical stabilized salt rejection rate that can be reproduced through the following conditions;

  • Source Water Pressure - 50 PSI / Membrane (65 PSI for Water Saver systems)
  • Source Water Temperature - 77°F
  • Source Water TDS - 250ppm Softened Tap Water
  • Recovery - 15%
  • Minimum Salt Rejection - 96%