Bumble Bee Snails



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Bumble Bee Snail

  • small in size, Engina sp. can get into small spaces in the rock
  • they clean detritus, uneaten meaty foods and decomposing organisms
  • they burrow into your sand bed, consume sand-dwelling worms, and help aerate the substrate
  • black shell, stripes of white to yellow bands
  • offer them plenty of hiding places with lots of room to roam
  • The Bumble Bee Snail is sensitive to copper-based medications, high nitrate levels, and fluctuations in water parameters.
  • Carnivore. If there is insufficient food, the Bumble Bee Snail may feed on other snails or bristleworms
  • In well-established systems Bumble Bee Snails do not require supplemental feeding
  • if sufficient food sources are unavailable, supplement their diet with meaty foods, including chopped brine or mysis shrimp