Canada Copepods and Rotifers – Live Concentrated Zooplankton Blend

Canada Copepods

Each bottle contains:

Copepods: 50% Tisbe copepods, Acartia, Parvocalanus, & Pseudodiaptomus
Moina salina
Phytoplankton: Nannochloropsis & Tetraselmis
Zooplankton are rinsed and put in fresh saltwater with some fresh live phytoplankton to feed them. No straining required, just add directly from the bottle.

Directions and Tips:

Canada Copepods Zooplankton Blend can be used to feed your aquarium directly for finicky eaters, but is best used to seed or boost your own continually breeding zooplankton population.

To seed your aquarium, simply pour the desired amount of Zooplankton Blend into your refugium or aquarium (or both) in the evening when the tank is dark.

Whether you are adding them to the refugium or aquarium, it is suggested that sump, returns, and other filtration be turned off for a few minutes to allow benthic copepods time to settle.

To maximize zooplankton reproduction in your aquarium feed them phytoplankton regularly. This is also best done in the evening with the sump, returns, and other filtration turned off. Your skimming should also be turned off for an hour after feeding phytoplankton

For best results when seeding a large zooplankton population in your aquarium float the bottle in your aquarium and release the culture after it has acclimatized to your tank’s temperature.

Zooplankton Care

Keep the bottle at approximately room temperature, and under ambient lighting. Do not expose culture to extreme heat. Bottle cap should be left ajar when stored to provide the culture with oxygen. Shake bottle gently daily.

It is recommended that the bottle is used within two weeks of purchase. Should you not use the bottle within that time period, add live phytoplankton until the water is light green.

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