Canada Copepods Rotifers - Live Zooplankton and Phytoplankton Blend (16 oz)

Canada Copepods

Rotifers are for feeding of fish larvae like clown fish, gobies, Mediterranean sea basses and snappers, red drum, pompano, and cobia. S Type are smaller and are a commercial rotifer for fish larvae that reproduce very fast both sexually and asexually. Ideal for culturing and general feeding for fry, fish, filter feeders, corals and other critters.

Can tolerate full freshwater, but will not breed in freshwater.

Can be cultured as low as 1.004 salinity.

Please note: Rotifers should be fed with nannochloropsis algae. If you are wanting to culture your own rotifers for your fry, you will likely need single-species phytoplankton to get the most nutritious rotifers. Research indicates that rotifers fed nannochloropsis, which is very high in HUFA’s, provide a far healthier feed for fry than rotifers fed in other ways.rot

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