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ATI T5 Bulbs -Coral Plus

SKU: SMC-707
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Time-tested, proven resultsMore than 17 years of proven results since their introduction to the market in 2000. ATI T5 bulbs use the latest advances in phosphors (the stuff that makes the color) and manufacturing techniques to produce bulbs with higher output, better coloration, and more stability.

The #1 selling reef specialty T5 bulb line is trusted and used at every level of the aquarium industry; manufacturers, corals farmers, shop owners and everyday hobbyists.
ATI's unique assortment of bulb options help bring out a wide range of colors in corals and makes fluorescent capable corals really pop. Just pick the bulbs that meet your personal color preference and plug it in.

Coral Plus

Combines the properties of a Blue Plus (~50%), Aquablue Special (~40%) and Purple Plus (~10%) producing a bulb with a cool, crisp white color with hints of red and blue. The higher blue component compared to an Aquablue Special produces better fluorescence in capable corals and the red component is excellent for color rendition. Approximate color temperature of 15000K+.
ATI1133 Coral Plus (24"/24W) 24 watts 22.2 in.
ATI1135 Coral Plus (36"/39W) 80 watts 34.0 in.
ATI1137 Coral Plus (48"/54W) 54 watts 45.8 in.
ATI1139 Coral Plus (60"/80W) 80 watts 57.6 in.