Biopod Self Contained Ecosystems -TERRA (Coming Soon)


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The Biopod TERRA is ideal for housing terrestrial animals or a large number of plants. The TERRA is the ideal size for 2 to 4 small size animals or 1 medium size animal.


Tank Dimensions LxWxH
24.65” x 15.00” x 14.00”

Base Dimensions LxWxH
18.75” x 14.87” x 2.71”

Unit Total Height

Substrate/Water Column Height

Substrate/Water Column Volume
3.50 gallons

Total Volume
22.5 gallons / 85 litres

Approx. Weight
15.75 kg


Bipod's Vision

To develop products that are innovative in design and function, inspiring users to experience and participate in the conservation of our planet.

What is Biopod?

Biopod is the world’s rst app controlled microhabitat that automatically regulates temperature, light, humidity, ventilation and rainfall. Simply tell the Biopod App what you are wanting to raise or grow and Biopod will create

the ideal environment for your plants or animals. Created by a Biologist out of necessity to save endangered species of frogs, Biopod’s core value is to support conservation of plants and animals.

What sets Biopod apart from traditional aquariums and vivariums?

Biopod mimics a rainforest habitat by employing aeroponics, which perfectly balances oxygen and carbon dioxide just as natural habitats are able to do. Also, it is a sleek development in eco- tech. Once you’ve got your herbs, vegetables, or pets all snug in your Biopod, you can regulate

temperature, lighting, humidity, ventilation and “rain fall” via an App on your iPhone or Android. Enjoy what you see in your pod? If so, you can share a full 720p view of your Biopod through an easy function within our mobile app.

Conservation - Making a difference

Biopod is partnering with conservation groups from around the world. Our technology is being used to promote conservation of both plants
and animals. We’re pleased to partner with
some of the leading conservationists on our planet to rescue and preserve species that could otherwise go extinct.

We’re passionate about all life and the preservation of frogs was the catalyst for creating Biopod. Frogs are “canary in the coal mine” indicators and hundreds of species are dying off each year. Our goal is to help save as many species as we can.

The Biopod App is brilliantly designed and functionally beautiful. It allows you to connect your Biopod, upgrade your Biopod software, monitor your Biopod, view your Biopod settings and change your Biopod parameters

in automatic and custom mode. The automatic mode supports many hundreds of di erent plant and animal species – using scienti c data from real habitats located all around the world. Creating the perfect microhabitat for whatever you wish to house inside the Biopod.


The iOS version of the app can be found in the Apple App store.


The Android version of the app can be found on the Google Play store.

Natural Lighting

Biopod Lights are designed
to provide the most natural light as possible. Our LED & UV light spectrums closely replicate the sun’s natural spectral output. Giving your plants and animals a realistic lighting environment in order to optimize growth and viability.

Automatic Misting

All Biopods come with an integrated misting system. Two misting nozzles (4 in the Grand) are attached into the top cover of the glass enclosure. Each nozzle is manufactured to have the perfect wide spray pattern and they can be rotated if needed.


Biopod glass is always ultra clear, that’s because it’s made of
a low iron composite. The thickness of all stationary Biopod glass is 5mm, the door glass thickness is 4mm.


The camera comes standard with every Biopod and allows
you to peer into your Biopod microhabitat from anywhere in the world through Wi-Fi. It is located on the top-right frame of the Biopod.

Substrate Heating Cable

The substrate heating cable
is located on the oor of the Biopod, beneath the substrate. It provides a controlled heating source from under
the “ground” of the Biopod through the principles of conductive and convective heat transfer.

Aeration Pump

The aeration system consists of an air pump connected to an air stone located inside the Biopod. The air stone sits below the false bottoms or in the water, depending on the model.


One of the key aspects that keeps our systems bio-active. Water in the base of the Biopod is cycled through

the back wall. This water trickles down from the top of the living wall, cleaning it as it passes through mosses, plants and plant roots.

Misting Pump

The misting pump that comes standard in every Biopod is small but very powerful. Water is collected from the 2L reservoir in the back, then split to the two misting nozzles at the top of the Biopod.

Air Circulation Fan

This centrifugal fan collects air from the environment outside
the Biopod and injects it through the front vent into the Biopod environment. It is connected through a manifold that ts into the back of the Biopod.

Air Sensors

The dual humidity/air sensor constantly monitors the air temperature and humidity. Since the Biopod has a temperature and humidity gradient from front to back, it is best located near the middle top of the Biopod.

Front Heating Ventilation

All front vents in a Biopod come with a black heating cable attached to them. This cable provides heat via convection to the air passing through the front vent frame, warming the air as it passes through the metal vents.

Ground Sensors

The ground sensor is a metal NTC cable that monitors the temperature of the substrate/ water. It is connected into

the motherboard which then communicates with the Biopod cloud and adjusts the substrate heating accordingly.

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