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Easybooster is a suspension in gel form comprised of marine microalgae and marine minerals that can be preserved at room temperature for over 18 months.
Phytoplankton or marine microalgae are microscopic vegetable cells that can be found dispersed in the sea. Phytoplankton is at the base of the food chain in aquatic ecosystems and serves as food for higher organisms like zooplankton, filter feeders and plant-eating corals.
Marine phytoplankton is considered a superfood because it contains vitamins, essential fatty acids (EPA, DHA, ARA, GLA), essential amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and bioactive compounds involved in the metabolic activities of all living beings in general, and of marine organisms in particular
Easybooster composition:
Isochrysis T-ISO (33%) / Nannochloropsis (31%) / Tetraselmis (18%) / Phaeodactylum (18%) The special characteristics of each one of the microalgae in this formula provide an optimum nutritional profile for aquarium animals.

Initial Dose: 1 single-use bag per day for each 300 litres of aquarium water. Increase the dose by 25% weekly until the recommended daily dose is reached.
Recommended daily dose: 1 single-use bag per each 100/200 litres of aquarium water depending on the biological load.
Instructions for use: Pour the entire contents of the bag into the area around the pump to ensure product is dispersed. It is not necessary to turn off the skimmer.
Conservation: Once opened, the product can be used within 48 hours.

Do corals feed off phytoplankton?
Not many coral species feed directly off of phytoplankton, however all coral species feed indirectly off of it.
How does Easybooster affect the aquarium?
The proliferation of microfauna and its subsequent reproduction produces an increase in the availability of zooplankton in the water column and rocks. This provides food for the corals, completing their nutritional requirements, and feed for fish that capture their prey between the rocks or in the sediment (Synchiropus, Valencianea, etc.).
How do I know if Easybooster is working correctly in my aquarium?
The first symptom that it’s working correctly is the intensification of the colour of SPS corals. Non-photosynthetic plant-eating corals swell and open their polyps to feed. Other filter feeders like Tridacnas, Seballestraei, etc. show increased growth and activity. In a short amount of time, there is a significant increase in the microfauna present in the aquarium, and fans and sponges appear soon after.
Does Easybooster increase the amount of phosphate in the aquarium?
Yes, as do all foods in more or less measure. Phosphorus is an essential nutrient for life. However, the bioavailability of phosphorus associated with phytoplankton makes this quickly turn into a biomass that does not disperse along the water column like a residual nutrient.
Is it important to begin using Easybooster in increasing doses?
It is not only important; it is vital for the aquarium’s balance that you begin using it in a low dose and gradually increase it according to the instructions. This is to ensure that the bacteria, filter feeders and microfauna present in the aquarium increase gradually so that most of the phytoplankton we provide gets consumed.
At what moment in the photoperiod should I add Easybooster?
If adding it manually, we recommend spacing out the doses, ideally two hours after the lights are turned on and one hour after the lights have been turned off. If you will only be dosing once a day, you should do it one hour after the lights have been turned off. If using a dosing pump, you should programme it do provide a dose various times a day.
Once opened, how long does Easybooster 14 or 28 (single-use bags) maintain its properties?
If only using a portion of the contents of the bag, the rest should be used in the following 24 hours.
Once opened, how long does Easybooster 25 maintain its properties?
The product will not be altered if you are careful to maintain the bag well closed and sealed, extracting all the air that may have entered the bag. If using Easybooster 25 as shown in the image, it will be maintained intact during the same period indicated by the expiration date. This is because the suction from the dosing pump compresses the bag preventing any air from entering.
Once opened, how long does Easybooster prof maintain its properties?
Easybooster prof properties are not altered with respect to its expiration date because the packaging is designed specifically so that oxygen and humidity do not come into contact with the product.
Can Easy reefs corals and Easybooster be used for the same purpose?
Yes, both products have been developed as feed for the base of the aquarium food chain.
Are there any advantages to using Easybooster?
Yes. Easybooster contains 4 microalgae that guarantee an optimum nutritional profile. Easybooster is phytoplankton suspended in a mineral solution that contributes to the re-establishment of some compounds that are necessary in the aquarium, like magnesium and potassium. Easybooster can be added to the aquarium automatically through a dosing pump, making it very easy to use compared to preparing the lyophilised product.
Can I pour Easybooster directly over a coral?
No. Easybooster is designed to be dispersed in water and act as an activator of the food chain, not as feed for corals. The mineral solution is too concentrated and could damage the animal’s tissues.

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