'Aqamai' is originated from the Hawaiian word [ah-kah-mai] that means "smart, cool, intelligent".

Aqamai represents a new line of smart devices for your aquarium. Aqamai is created from a collaboration of the vast experience of Hydor Group in aquarium technologies since 1984 and the new innovative trend of the Internet of Things.

A unique app can control all your Aqamai smart devices directly from your smart phone or tablet (Android and iOS versions). The app is designed to be user-friendly and offers advanced technical capabilities at the same time. It is easy to set up and to manage.

Simplicity is the key to Aqamai, no need to buy any additional controls to manage your devices.

KPS is a professional and full programmable wave maker pump for your aquarium. Created with the best performances of Koralia design and the full customizable DC pump technology. KPS comes with the patented DMSS (Dual Magnetic Support System) that will assure you a full adjust-ability and the maximum vibration absorption. Aqamai KPS has been designed to create a wide water flow in any aquarium. KPS: the smallest size in its flow category. Energy efficient (415 l/h per Watt - 105 gph per Watt). Wi-Fi control via Aqamai App, no mechanical controls needed.


  • Programmable - A professional and fully programmable Wavemaker for your aquarium
  • Silent - No noise, no vibrations. Virtually silent
  • Patented Dual Magnet Support System - Full adjust-ability and the maximum vibrations absorption
  • Aqamai App - WiFi control via Aqamai App no mechanical controls needed
  • Compact - The smallest size in its flow category
  • Water Flow - Aqamai kps has been designed to create a gentle flow in any aquarium
  • Energy Efficient - 415 Lt/h per Watt - 105gph per Watt
  • Koralia Design - Created with the best featured of Koralia and the fully customizable DC pump tech


  • Dimensions - 63mm x 48mm (2.50" x 1.88")
  • Flow Range - 1400 - 4150L per hour (370 - 1050gph)
  • Wattage - 4 - 10 Watts
  • Glass Thickness - Up to 15mm (0.59")
  • Tank Size Range - 40 - 200L (10 - 50 gallons)


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