Kamoer 4-Channel Master WiFi Dosing Pump



New WiFi 4-Channel Master Dosing Pump
Temperature detection
Temperature Hi and Low alarm
Liquid level detection
WiFi controllable by PC or Mobile device
iOS and Android campatible
Calibration to 0.01
Resolution 0.01ml
Water proof
Patended design
Energy saving
Long lifetime
Manual, Auto, or Custom dose
Dose daily, every two days, every three days or at a specific day of the week
Dose up to 24 times per day
Fluid volume 1-1000ml
Dosing accuracy <+-2%
Programmable 0-30 minute Auto dose delay between adjacent pumps to prevent chemical interactions
Refill reminder to alert user to refill container when the volume of container reaches reminder level set by user
No need for check valves since there is no back-flow

Temperature sensor and mounting suction cup
Mounting bracket
Tube organizer
Graduated cylinder for calibration
Probe holders
PVC tubing 3*5mm x 4m
* NO LONGER INCLUDED - 4 Liquid Level sensors

Pump head and motor assemblies are consumables which need to be replaced periodically.
Pump head components need to be replaced after 1000 hours of operation.
Motor needs to be replaced after 800 hours of operation.
High load, high humidity, high dust environment can shorten the lifespan of components
Working environment 0-70 C


Kamoer fluid tech(Shanghai) Co.,Ltd grants a warranty of 12 month beginning with the date of purchase for all processing or material defects. The warranty doesn't cover wear parts like pump and motor. The original bill is your warranty certificate. We warrant your product against any defect in material and workmanship, under normal use. In the event a product is found to be defective within the warranty period of one year, we will, at our option, repair or replace the defective product. The warranty period starts at the day of purchase. For warranty validation, a proof of purchase must be furnished.

The followings are excluded from the warranty:

1. Improper use of the device causing malfunction;

2. The device is repaired or modified by an unauthorized person;

3. Use of non-produced material by our company i.e. pump tube;

4. Damage by disaster;

5. Improper maintenance causing damage;

6. Use of reagent or sample causing corrosion;

7. Damage by accident or over load;

8. Consumables, such as silicone tube and fuse etc.

To obtain warranty support, you may contact our local technical support at support@kamoer.com . Our technical support will attempt to diagnose and correct the problem. If the problem cannot be rectified, our technical support will ask you to return the product. You will be asked to furnish proof of purchase to confirm that the product is still under warranty.