Kessil H1200 Tuna Flora



Superior Illumination


The H1200 Tuna Flora features four efficient spectrums - BLUE, GROW, BLOOM, RED - in one single fixture. The light is perfectly blended, with wavelengths including true UV and Infrared (ranging from 360-780 nm), enhancing photosynthetic efficiency.


Our Dense Matrix LED technology produces a concentrated single point source with enough power to penetrate past the canopy and deliver light to the entire plant. The high-quality optic design ensures minimal light loss and uniform plant growth.


The BLUE spectrum quickly develops the frame of a plant during every stage by promoting prolific stem extension.


The GROW spectrum is designed to produce all-around vegetative growth throughout the life cycles of many different plants.


The BLOOM spectrum boosts yield by encouraging plentiful flowering during the plants' crucial reproductive stage.


The RED spectrum is designed for tissue culture and cloning by producing maximum root growth during the plant's whole life. During the finishing stage, the RED spectrum also increases the plants' productivity and the quality of the harvest.



Switch the spectrum depending on the phase of the plant growth.

Heat Management

Innovative heat management system equals efficiency and longevity

Dense Matrix LED

Our densely packed high-powered LED array emits more and better light than competing fixtures.


Compatible with 0 ~10V external controllers. Daisy-chain multiple lights for seamless control from a single source.

Manual Mode

Manual Mode allows users to tune the light for immediate customization. Users can individually control spectrum and intensity to find the ideal setting.

Quick Set

The Quick Set mode allows users to create a repeating 24 hour schedule simply by programming up to 6 points with customized spectrums and intensity.

Auto Mode

Auto Mode is designed to simplify the growing process of various types of plants. Mimic entire seasons with adjustable critical day length.

Technical Specifications

H1200 Specifications

Dimensions: 8.59" x 8.59" x 4.71" ( L x W x H )

Unit Weight: 6.79 lb / 3.08kg

Spectrum: Blue, Grow, Bloom, Red

Height from Plant: 2' minimum

Coverage: Up to 6.5’ x 6.5’ (6’ above plant canopy)

Input Voltage: 90-277V AC, 50-60Hz

Power Consumption: 380 W MAX

What's in the Box 

1x H1200 

1x 120V Power Cord (20’ long)