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Premium Crystal Cal activated carbon for aquariums is available now!

Calgon Carbon has partnered with Kolar Labs to bring the best available aquarium carbon directly to consumers. 

Calgon Carbon’s CRYSTAL CAL granular activated carbon is true liquid phase activated carbon made for aquariums. This laboratory grade granular activated carbon will make a difference in your tank. 

  • EASY TO USE – 1 cup per 50 gallons (½-1 tablespoon for every 3 gallons) Change every 2-4 weeks, quickly Rinse before use
  • LARGE GRANULAR SIZE  - allow for great flow in filter Media bag anywhere water flows, can use in reactor or canister filter. Mix with Kolar Labs GFO for added algae reduction
  • TRUSTED SOURCE - Kolar Labs partnered with the trusted CALGON CARBON to bring you the highest quality, best value for bulk and packaged Activated Carbon.
  • FASTEST RESULTS – Crystal clear aquarium overnight, removes cloudy water, color and odors faster- guaranteed
  • MADE FOR WATER - Unique “Liquid Phase” Carbon from NSF rated source - works for air purifier but has perfect pore structure as a water contaminant removal

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