New Life Spectrum Probiotix Regular 1MM 150g


New Life Spectrum

NLS has created a real probiotic food with a biologically effective concentration of probiotic bacteria (at least 3 million viable cultures per gram!). These add to the beneficial organisms that live in your fish’s gut and help aid digestion — more of the nutrients your fish eat are absorbed and converted (this is called utilization ratio). This means that with the same formula, Probiotix® is actually more nutritious because your aquarium companions get more out of each pellet! Plus, the nutrient formula is based on our most concentrated formulation: NLS Thera+A.

This boosted effectiveness also means there’s not as much waste byproduct going into your aquarium water. NLS`s proprietary probiotic mix also has an extra benefit: added phosphate-eating bacteria that works in the gut, but also gets into the water column along with the waste — and from there into the filter media. The result? A virtuous cycle in the aquarium that works in the gut, the water and the biofilter.

Probiotix® is manufactured using what NLS is calling Cold Re-Extrusion Tech. This gives the pellets high probiotic density (that is biologically effective) locked within the pellet so it doesn’t wash-off in the water and activates in the hot, moist conditions of the fish’s gut as the pellet is broken down.  In brief, Cold Re-Extrusion means NLS heat-extrude the pellet to pasteurize it, re-grind it, add the probiotics and then re-form the pellet using a cold process made possible by NLS`s new, low-starch binding formula — and some clever re-engineering of their machines that keep the dough cool as it’s compressed into the final pellet.



  • Increased nutrient absorption means less waste
  • Beneficial phosphate-eating bacteria in waste that continues to work as good bacteria in the water column
  • Probiotics get into the bio-filter
  • Great shelf life