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NPX Bioplastics- 1 L

NPX Bioplastics- 1 L

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The NPX Bioplastics- 1 L is an essential product for maintaining a healthy and thriving aquarium ecosystem. It is designed to provide a sustainable source of carbon for the growth and proliferation of beneficial bacteria in your aquarium.

By using NPX Bioplastics, you can effectively control the levels of nitrates and phosphates in your aquarium, thus preventing the growth of harmful algae and improving overall water quality. This product is particularly useful for reef aquariums and is suitable for both marine and freshwater systems.

At Sustainable Marine, located in Ontario, Canada, we are committed to providing high-quality aquarium supplies that are eco-friendly and promote the long-term health and sustainability of your aquatic environment. With NPX Bioplastics- 1 L, you can enhance the biological filtration in your aquarium and create a balanced and thriving ecosystem.

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