NYOS Alkalinity Balling Salts (Dosing) 1KG


Nyos® ALKALINITY+ is a high purity sodium bicarbonate.
High purity salt with no organic impurities
Quick and easy way to adjust the carbonate hardness (alkalinity)
Ideal for any 2 part dosing system
Technical Details
Content: 1000g (2.2 lb) / 4000g (8.8 lb)
Nyos® ALKALINITY+ is a high purity sodium bicarbonate. With ALKALINITY+ you can increase the carbonate hardness in your saltwater aquarium quickly and simply.
How to Dose:
Pre-mixed solution (recommend): Mix 160g (5.64oz) of ALKALINITY+ to 2000ml (0.53gal) of RODI water. 38ml (4.8fl oz) of this solution will increase the KH in a 100L (100gal) aquarium by approximately 1°dKH (1°dKH). This is a reference value; the actual dosage amount may vary.

Dosage of the pre-mixed solution:


Dosing ALKALINITY+ powder directly: Dose in the sump or pre-mix with aquarium water.

30g (0.4oz) of ALKALINITY+ will increase the KH of a 1000L (100gal) aquarium by approximately 1°dKH (1°dKH).

We recommend measuring your alkalinity at least 2 times per week.


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