PE Mysis & Calanus Twin Pack

PE Mysis

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PE MYSIS® are sustainably harvested from pristine lakes which are fed by mountain glaciers.

PE MYSIS® are extremely rich in Omega 3 & 6 HUFA, amino acids, powerful antioxidants, and are naturally gut loaded with and abundance of phytoplankton.

PE Calanus are a decapod zooplankton sustainably harvested in the pristine arctic waters at a unique stage of their life cycle using a patented, environmentally friendly method. During this active phytoplankton feeding stage, PE Calanus are naturally bio-encapsulated with essential fatty acids resulting in a highly nutritious diet.

PE Calanus are great for freshwater and saltwater fish in addition to being an excellent food for corals and other filter feeding organisms. PE Calanus are instantly recognizable by their brilliant orange coloration stemming from the high levels of astaxanthin and other carotenoid pigments.

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