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Phytoplankton Blend (8 oz High Concentration)

SKU: SMC-330

Each bottle contains an equal mix of Tetraselmis and Nannochloropsis in a saltwater base.

Our phytoplankton blend is an excellent addition to the bottom of the food chain in your aquarium’s ecosystem. It is ideal for feeding small aquatic creatures such as: copepods, rotifers, osyters, clams, and brine shrimp.

This blend is synthetic. Adding live phytoplankton to your tank can be dangerous as it self-propagates, especially if your tank is exposed to direct sunlight. There are very few organisms that require live phytoplankton, while synthetic phytoplankton is sufficient for the vast majority. Synthetic phytoplankton is the same at the cellular level, and has the same nutrients, but is not viable and cannot reproduce. Bottled phytoplankton must be kept refrigerated or frozen.

We use our phytoplankton blend on our own cultures daily at Canada Copepods.