Pro Clear Aquatics Frag Sump - 26"

Pro Clear Aquatic Systems


Pro Clear Aquatic Systems Frag Fuge Reef Sump

  • A custom filtration system designed with for the reefer. Not everyone has space for a frag tank. The Frag Fuge solves this issue by including a coral frag section within the sump.
  •  8" wide section comes with a removable frag tray and wire holders to allow for a small circulation pump to sit in the frag section.
  • Below the frag tray theres enough room to place up to two 8" x 8" x 1" MarinePure Biofilter Media Blocks (sold separately).
  • Frag section can be converted to a traditional refugium by removing the frag tray.
  • Frag Fuge utilizes Pro Clear's incredibly quiet, patented, water entry system. Water enters the sump through the primary drain via filter sock
  • An auxiliary drain is also available for use on aquariums with Herbie style overflows
  • Bulkheads are used for both drains and the return line.
  • The sump has a full eurobrace with wire holders and dosing tube holders, 3 probe holder with nylon screws, opaque acrylic to prevent light-spill, slots for optional chemical media cartridges (sold separately), adjustable flow-gate, and coarse foam block.
  • The Frag Fuge Sump features a recommended flow of 400 gallons per hour, 1 main drain, 1 aux drain, 1 return, 1 filter sock, 2 media container slots, and measures 26" x 14" x 15"
  • Features two 1" drain pipes and a 3/4" return pipe. 26" x 14" x 15"

(light, skimmer and other accessories not included. Frag tray colour may vary)

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