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ReBorn Calcium Reactor Media - 4kg

ReBorn Calcium Reactor Media - 4kg

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The ReBorn Calcium Reactor Media - 4kg is an essential product for maintaining optimal water chemistry in marine aquariums. It is specifically designed for use in calcium reactors, which are indispensable tools for reef tank enthusiasts.

This high-quality calcium reactor media serves as a rich source of pure calcium carbonate, allowing marine organisms to maintain healthy growth and strong skeletal structures. It effectively replenishes and stabilizes calcium levels, ensuring a stable and sustainable environment for coral and other invertebrates.

With its superior efficiency and long-lasting performance, the ReBorn Calcium Reactor Media provides an ideal solution for maintaining the delicate balance of essential elements in your aquarium. It offers excellent dissolution rates, ensuring a steady supply of calcium while minimizing the risk of clogging or clumping.

Purchase the ReBorn Calcium Reactor Media - 4kg from Sustainable Marine, located in Ontario, Canada, to enhance the health and growth of your aquatic inhabitants. Our store specializes in a wide range of aquarium supplies, including best-in-class products that promote sustainability and the well-being of marine ecosystems.

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