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Red Sea ReefWave 45


Red Sea ReefWAVE 45

  • Ideal for tanks 60-200cm
  • Maximum 15000 lph flow.
  • Dimensions - 31.5x8x5cm
  • Power Cable Length 3 metres
  • Power efficient and uses between 8 and 45watt of power.
  • ReefWAVE 25 can be mounted on glass up to 20mm (stronger mount available soon)
  • Crossflow technology pump for a gentle, evenly distributed flow.
  • Forward/Reverse/Alternating flow modes.
  • Extremely quiet and energy efficient sine wave DC control motor.
  • Dedicated controller with Wi fi for control with ReefBEAT App.
  • Easy to disassemble and clean.
  • Includes Controller and Remote access via app

Putting the ReefWAVE into work there are a number of outstanding features right off the bat. Using the "Gyre" technology brings in the ideal flow with the water movement in a horizontal path which is what is found similarly on reef where your fish and corals come from.

You not only get flow control from 10% to 100% but also various modes including feed mode, surface motion, random, step up flow, unified pulse, and continuous flow with the option of full control custom mode.

If you already have a Red Sea Max or Reefer this is the suggestion for your aquarium.