Rossmont Mover Powerheads



Usually ships in 5-7days

-M Models: up to 15mm (.59") glass/acrylic thickness

-MX Models: up to 19mm (3/4") glass/acrylic thickness

-3D orientable flow for maximum flexibility inside your tank

Choose your flow
With concentrator nozzle (included)

Wide and gentle
Maximum massive flow with no restrictions

Focused and long
Perfect for coral beds or long aquariums

  • Propeller technology
  • Low energy consumption
  • Ceramic bearings for extreme performance
  • Co-injected stainless steel core for quiet operation
  • Super shock resistant 
  • Quiet startups with special rubber part
  • Ease of removal and safety locking mechanism




  • Special rubber components to absorb vibrations without transmitting them to the environment
  • Turn your pump into a controllable one.
    Just connect your Mover to Waver, the 1st device for aquariums in the World capable to drive an AC pump powered at Mains voltage.

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