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Sicce Xstream 925 Wave Pump Powerhead 925gph (3500l/h)

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Four different models, each designed to be easily hidden in a natural aquascape:

XStream 3500l/h - 4 Watt
XStream 5000l/h - 6 Watt
XStream 6500l/h - 8 Watt
XStream 8000l/h - 12 Watt

Sicce engineering bring high flow rates in an Estra Small size to the small and larger aquariums.
Deceptively simple on the outside, the new XStream line offers numerous advanced technology features:

- Silent operation
- Top quality materials
- Sound absorbing O-ring minimize transmission of vibration 
- High-performance ranges from 920 gph (3500l/h) to 2100 gph (8000l/h)
- Programmable control 
- Minimal electrical consumption means low operating cost and cooler running.
- Powerful magnetic mount works with glass up to ¾-inch (20 mm) 
- 90° directional flow adjustable
- Rotating magnetic support allows easy positioning in the tank
- Pre-lubricated and self-cleaning impeller 
- Durable pure ceramic bearings assure silent operation and long operating life 
- Double cord insulation
- Fast and easy maintenance 
- 3+2-year warranty

Sicce XStream pumps are designed and engineered for simplicity, style and durability. 24/7. 365.

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