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Triton Supplements Macro Elements - Strontium 1000ml

SKU: SMC-602
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What is it?

Strontium is a Macro element shown to be beneficial for calcification of coral skeleton and general coral health.

Skill Level

This product is classified as Basic Skill level.

Important notes for use

Please ensure that your Aquarium Profile volume is filled in correctly to prevent incorrect dosage information.

How do I use Strontium?

The supplements should be dosed as per recommendations from your ICPOES test results.

You will be advised of either a correction dose (to bring value up to set point) and/or a maintenance dose (to keep it at the set point).

The test results will also guide you to the maximum safe dose per day for your system.

Other additional information

Care should be taken not to carry out too many adjustments at the same time because of the risk of elements reacting with one another.

Dose into an area of high flow.

Leave 5 minutes between different element adjustments.

Any large swings in element levels can be detrimental to your tank inhabitants.