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Tropic Marin - Balling Component - Part C


Part C - 1 kg Sodium Chloride Free Reef Salt

One of the three-part original balling method, Tropic Marin components add calcium, alkalinity, and sodium chloride free sea salt to maintain the crucial balance of elements in your aquarium's water. The balanced mixture allow for fast growth of coral skeletons while maintaining the major and minor trace elements to avoid the decrease in required elements like traditional two-part dosing regimens. 

  • Maintains ion equilibrium
  • Powdered Salt Mixture
  • No unnatural byproducts
  • Mixes fast & clear within minutes
  • Made with pharmaceutical components
  • Add by hand or with automated dosing pumps
  • Does not contain phosphates or other pollutants
  • Mixing Instructions:Dissolve the appropriate amount of the salt separately, as indicated below, in individual containers containing RODI water. Once mixed and clear the solutions are then ready to use. The amount to dose is as simple as dosing equal quantities of the separate solutions daily or varying quantities of each separate solution to achieve the recommended levels in the aquarium. These separate solutions are very stable and can be stored indefinitely.