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Tropic Marin® NITRIBIOTIC is a combination of probiotic and nitrifying bacteria in one preparation which strengthens the defences of the immune system of fish and shrimps and improves the water quality. The nitrifying bacteria efficiently start the nitrification process, i.e. the process of breaking toxic ammonia down into non-toxic nitrate. The purple bacteria contained in NITRIBIOTIC oxidises toxic hydrogen sulphide to non-toxic sulphur and sulphate. Probiotic bacteria and yeasts have a proven positive effect on the health and well-being of fish and shrimps, especially when breeding.

  • Bacterial compound with probiotic, nitrifying and purple bacteria.
  • The addition of probiotic bacteria has a healthy effect and improves the stress resistance in the animals.
  • Nitrifying bacteria assist the nitrification.
  • Purple bacteria break down hydrogen sulphide.
  • Suitable for any aquarium stock - fish, corals, LPS, SPS, other filter feeders and/or crustaceans in salt water aquariums as well as ornamental fish, shrimps and plants in freshwater.
  • Easy-to-dose liquid solution.
  • Long shelf life even after opening.
  • Odorless

Shake the bottle well before each use! To enable the bacteria to develop unimpeded in the aquarium, turn off UV systems, ozonisers and skimmers before dosing and only turn on again 3-4 hours after dosing. NITRIBIOTIC can be dosed into the inlet of a biological filter or directly into the aquarium water.

Attach the enclosed tube to the syringe and measure the desired amount of NITRIBIOTIC with the syringe. The air that gets into the tube and syringe while pulling the syringe, does not affect the dosage. The bottom edge of the plunger always displays the correct dosing amount even if the desired quantity of NITRIBIOTIC, due to the air drawn in, is only in the tube and not in the syringe chamber. The air drawn in serves to empty the tube during dosing.

Begin with a dose of 1 ml for every 100 l (26 US-gal) of aquarium system volume. A subsequent weekly dosing of 1 ml per 200 l (52 US-gal) of aquarium system volume maintains and renews the pro-biotic effect. Up to a double dose of Tropic Marin® NITRIBIOTIC is still safe for the aquarium.