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Ecotech Marine

EcoTech Vectra L2 Coupling Kit (VP018)

EcoTech Vectra L2 Coupling Kit (VP018)

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The EcoTech Vectra L2 Coupling Kit (VP018) is a versatile and essential product for your aquarium supplies. This coupling kit is specifically designed to be used with the EcoTech Vectra L2 return pump. It allows you to connect and integrate the pump with your existing plumbing system, ensuring a smooth and efficient water flow in your aquarium.

At Sustainable Marine, located in Ontario, Canada, we prioritize environmental sustainability while providing high-quality aquarium supplies. The EcoTech Vectra L2 Coupling Kit (VP018) is no exception, as it is manufactured by EcoTech Marine, a renowned brand known for their commitment to sustainability and product excellence.

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