Waterbox Aquariums

Built to order, Ships in 4-6 weeks

Waterbox Platinum™ Reef Aquariums provide advanced hobbyist with a customizable foundation to design their dream aquarium. At its core each Waterbox Platinum is the same, however when the owner brings it to life, not a single Waterbox is the same.

  • Rimless 10-19mm Starphire Ultra-Clear™ Beveled Glass
  • Water etched glass overflow box
  • Rubber Mat Under Tank
  • Dual adjustable overflow returns
  • Prefabricated proprietary plumbing kit, no gluing
  • Precision gate valve
  • Safety drain
  • Whisper quiet overflow design
  • Flexible return pipe
  • Quick disconnect unions
  • Professional Sump system with Auto Top off Reservoir
  • Multi-level filter sock chamber
  • Standard Filter Socks



The Waterbox Platinum™ series of Reef aquariums are constructed of Starphire Ultra-Clear™ Beveled Glass on all 5 sides. The Waterbox Platinum™ series also boast a truly beautiful rimless design which sits on a pre-seated self-leveling foam mat.

Rimless 10-19mm Starphire Ultra-Clear™ Beveled Glass

Waterbox uses Starphire Ultra-Clear™ on all panels of the Silver Marine aquariums. This unique glass offers unmatched levels of brightness, color fidelity, clarity and visual excitement.

Full Solid Glass Overflow Box

Our unique glass overflow box provides superior surface skimming and allows the owner to keep their Waterbox completely clean of algae.

Leveling Mat Glued Under Tank

Each Platinum Reef comes with a pre-seated self leveling mat under the glass tank

Dual Adjustable Returns

In order to maximize directional flow, the Waterbox Platinum Series includes dual adjustable return nozzles.

German Silicone Seams

Each Waterbox uses the highest grade black silicone to bond the glass panels.  Once the tank has cured excess silicone is manually trimmed for a clean finish.

Water Etched Glass Overflow Grate

For a clean appearance and ease of cleaning the overflow grate has been etched out of the glass.  This will help eliminate unwanted algae growth.

Water Tested and LED Inspected

In the final stages of production each Waterbox is water tested and inspected with a high intensity LED light to inspect for pinholes, chips, and scratches.


Our engineers have designed a prefabricated proprietary plumbing kit that provides easy installation without any gluing required.

  • Dual adjustable overflow returns

    In order to maximize directional flow, the Waterbox Platinum Series includes dual adjustable return nozzles.

  • Precision gate valve

    Controls the flow through the drain system and maintains quiet operation.

  • Safety drain

    To prevent overflowing, a secondary safety drain is available.

  • Whisper quiet overflow design

    Our design eliminates gurgling sounds from the overflow box.

  • No gluing required

    Pre-cut and pre-glued pieces allow for easy installation and maintenance.

  • Flexible return pipe

    Can be easily adjusted to accommodate your choice of return pump.

  • Quick disconnect unions

    Disassemble easily without any cutting of plumbing required.

  • Professional Sump system with Auto Top off Reservoir

    Each platinum series includes a glass sump with ATO reservoir that can be converted to a refugium.

  • Multi-level filter sock chamber

    Dual micron socks reduce noise, prevents clogging, and reduces chances of overflowing.

  • Standard Filter Socks

    The Waterbox Platinum Series each include 2 x 4 Inch filter socks to keep water clarity pristine.


Platinum Series cabinets are heavy duty UV coated plywood. Includes stainless hinges, push open doors and leveling feet. Our 4 foot and larger models include a separate section for equipment storage.


Soft Close PVC Coated Hinges

High quality adjustable hinges provide rust-free access into your cabinet. Each door includes 3 hinges.


Recessed Hardware for Push Open Doors

European doors that are flush with the front glass aquarium panel provide ease of access into the cabinet.


Leveling Feet

Adjustable leveling feet are included with each cabinet to ensure tank is level during installation.


Removable Waterbox Badge

Place your Waterbox Badge anywhere on the cabinet.

Platinum Reef 70.2 Platinum Reef 100.3 Platinum Reef 130.4
Main Features
Starphire Ultra-Clear™ Glass
Glass Thickness(mm) 1/2″ (12mm) 1/2″ (12mm) 1/2″ (12mm)
Glass Overflow System
Built in surface skimmer
Integrated Evaporation (ATO) Reservior
System Volumes
Display Water Volume (Gal) 47.2 Gal (178L) 71.7 Gal (271L) 96.3 Gal (364L)
Sump Water Volume (Gal) 22 Gal (83L) 25.4 Gal (96L) 30.6 Gal (116L)
Total System Volume (Gal) 69.1 Gal (262L) 97.2 Gal (368L) 126.9 Gal (480L)
ATO Reservior Volume (Gal) 3.6 Gal (14L) 4.7 Gal (18L) 5.5 Gal (20L)
Display Dimensions
Tank Length (IN) 24″ (600mm) 36″ (900mm) 48″ (1200mm)
Tank Width (IN) 24″ (600mm) 24″ (600mm) 24″ (600mm)
Tank Height (IN) 22″ (550mm) 22″ (550mm) 22″ (550mm)
Total Height with Cabinet 58″ (1450mm) 58″ (1450mm) 58″ (1450mm)
Sump Dimensions
Sump Length (IN) 21″ (520mm) 24″ (600mm) 28″ (720mm)
Sump Width (IN) 18″(45cm) 18″(45cm) 18″(45cm)
Sump Height (IN) 18″ (450mm) 18″ (450mm) 18″ (450mm)
Sump Glass Thickness 1/4″ (6mm) 1/4″ (6mm) 1/4″ (6mm)
Technical Details
Water Height in Sump 9″ (230mm) 9″ (230mm) 9″ (230mm)
Skimmer Chamber 7.08″ × 17.2″ (180 × 438mm) 9.48″ × 17.2″ (250 × 438mm) 12.6″ × 17.2″ (320 × 438mm)
Pump Chamber 5.51″ × 9.4″ (140 × 240mm) 5.90″ × 9.4″ (150 × 240mm) 7.87″ × 9.4″ (200 × 240mm)
Recommended Flow Rate(GPH) Pump not included 700GPH (2700L) 1000GPH (3700L) 1200GPH (4500L)
Special Features
Dual 4″ Filter Sock Chamber (PP+NMO) 4″ (105mm) × 2 4″ (105mm) × 2 4″ (105mm) × 2
Gate Valve Overflow Adjustment
Water etched glass overflow
Cabinets by World Renown cabinet maker
Cabinet Includes Leveling Hardware
Prefabricated Plumbing Kit Included

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