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NYOS Active Carb

NYOS Active Carb

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NYOS Active Carb is a highly effective and versatile aquarium supply that is useful for maintaining optimal water quality. It is specifically designed to remove organic pollutants, heavy metals, and impurities from marine aquariums, promoting a healthy and thriving aquatic environment.

This premium activated carbon is highly efficient in adsorbing toxins, odors, and discolorations in reef or saltwater aquariums. By using NYOS Active Carb, you can ensure crystal clear water that enhances the beauty of your aquarium and creates a visually stunning underwater display.

With its exceptional absorption capacity, NYOS Active Carb helps to reduce nitrate and phosphate levels, which are common causes of algae growth. This leads to improved water clarity and overall water quality, benefiting the health and vitality of your fish, corals, and other marine organisms.

At Sustainable Marine, based in Ontario, Canada, we are proud to offer top-quality aquarium supplies, including the NYOS Active Carb. Our mission is to provide environmentally friendly products that promote sustainability and support the well-being of marine life. Shop now and optimize your aquarium's water quality with NYOS Active Carb!

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