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Location: 152 Main St, Lucan, Ontario, Canada
The aquarium hobby has grown in leaps and bounds and has now reached a point where we all have the ability to move it forward in a responsible manner. We have a voice in the world and must push for corals that are aqua cultured, maricultured, sustainably collected or fragged from other hobbyists. We have a voice in changing the collection or importing habits of those who supply our hobby with aquarium fish and can help dictate how they treated, collected and obtained. We can choose a hobby that regulates itself and must place an expectation on the industry and governments that sustainability be a top concern and that accurate data is a necessity for everyone from the hobbyist right through to the collectors in countries that depend on the trade for an living.
We as hobbyists are also one of the best conduits for the promotion of Reef Conservation! It falls to each one of us to spread the word on the importance of this. People tend not to protect what they aren't exposed to and therefore its hard to make them care. Talk to people, explain the reef to them, do your part.
Sustainable Marine Canada was created with this goal in mind. We at SMC do not claim to be subject matter experts on these topics by any means, but we are learning all the time. In doing so we hope to share that knowledge with you so that you can in turn share it with others too. We have learned enough that to do our part in the world and to promote the healthy continuation of this hobby and ocean conservation, this site was born.
On our website and social media pages you will find:
  • Aquatic live stock that was, as best as we can ascertain, obtained from collectors/wholesalers who conduct business in keeping with sustainable criteria and import/export practices.
  • Artificial Coral reef options
  • Products, information and articles to help you successfully sustain your aquarium or pond.
  • Articles and information shared from some of the leading experts on sustainable aquaria.
  • Links to likeminded webpages and businesses and more!
      As we learn and grow, so will what you find here.
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      Sustainable Marine Canada will donate a portion of sales each year to organizations who are making strides in marine conservation such as the Cayman Eco Divers Reef Foundation.
      We hope that you will find the information here interesting, informative and thought provoking. We named our company what we did to be a goal we all aspire to and in the hopes that you will share what you learn with others.
      Ian Bell