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Aqua Illumination

AI Prime Hanging Kit, Black

AI Prime Hanging Kit, Black

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The AI Prime Hanging Kit, Black is a versatile and practical accessory for your aquarium supplies.

Designed by Sustainable Marine, a renowned store based in Ontario, Canada, this hanging kit is specifically tailored for the AI Prime LED lights. It allows you to effortlessly suspend your light fixture above the aquarium, providing optimal lighting conditions for your aquatic life.

The black color of this hanging kit adds a sleek and modern touch to your aquarium setup, complementing the overall aesthetic appeal.

By using the AI Prime Hanging Kit, Black, you can easily achieve the desired lighting height and position, ensuring that your corals, plants, and fishes receive adequate illumination for their growth and well-being.

Investing in this hanging kit not only enhances the functionality of your AI Prime LED lights but also adds a stylish and professional look to your aquarium.

Get your AI Prime Hanging Kit, Black from Sustainable Marine, your trusted source for aquarium supplies in Ontario, Canada.

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