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Ecotech Marine

EcoTech Power Supply Bracket (FG001)

EcoTech Power Supply Bracket (FG001)

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The EcoTech Power Supply Bracket (FG001) is an essential accessory for aquarium enthusiasts looking to organize and secure their power supplies. This bracket is specifically designed for EcoTech power supplies, ensuring a perfect fit and compatibility.

With its sturdy construction and easy installation, the EcoTech Power Supply Bracket provides a practical solution for managing the power supply cables in your aquarium setup. By securely mounting the power supply, it helps to prevent tangling and keep your aquarium area clean and organized.

At Sustainable Marine, we understand the importance of reliable and efficient aquarium supplies. That's why we offer the EcoTech Power Supply Bracket (FG001) to our valued customers. As a trusted supplier based in Ontario, Canada, we are committed to providing high-quality products that contribute to the sustainability of your marine ecosystem.

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