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Done fighting a losing battle with the anemone scourge?  before you give up...F-Aiptasia!

Just about anyone with a reef tank has battled Aipstasia, and if you have you'll understand the reason for this product's name. They sneak in to the tiniest piece of live rock or hitchhike on a coral, and before you know it if you got a garden of them. 

 At last their is a reef safe, effective Aiptasia solution. Frank's F-Aiptasia is a proprietary formula with improvements over others on the market, making it more effective at sticking to aiptasia and killing them before they can spread throughout your tank. Other solutions can often cause the aiptasia to release their planula larvae which will then pop up as new anemones in other parts of the tank, and in the end your tank is in worse shape than before!


  • Reef Safe
  • No injection required
  • No need to siphon anemone out of tank after application
  • Lasting results
  • No effects on water chemistry

 F-Aiptasia stays in place, smothers the anemones, and keeps them from spreading. Apply F-Aiptasia as soon as you see these pests, and that'll be the last you have to see of them.


 Special Note: Please stir the product with the supplied stirring stick and shake vigorously upon receiving it and immediately before any use. It does tend to separate. In the even that the product hardens, it is safe to add a small amount of RO/DI water.

  • Stir well and shake prior to use.
  • Turn off all power heads during application. 
  • Using included syringe, apply directly to aiptasia anemone. As you start to cover them, they will retract. Just cover them completely!
  • Leave power heads off for 30 minutes or until product hardens. You can remove the hardened shell a few days later. 
  • After several hours, F-Aiptasia will create a 'shell' over the anemone and trap it with the caustic product inside the shell.

 This robs the anemone of the ability to release reproductive spores in the aquarium! Next time you perform your maintenance or 5 days after covering, you can simply brush the "shell" away. Aiptasia is gone!

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