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Neptune Aquabus Extension Cable (M/F) 15' EXT (ABUS15EXT)

Neptune Aquabus Extension Cable (M/F) 15' EXT (ABUS15EXT)

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The Neptune Aquabus Extension Cable (M/F) 15' EXT (ABUS15EXT) is an essential accessory for aquarium enthusiasts looking to expand their Neptune Apex ecosystem. With this high-quality extension cable, you can conveniently extend the reach of your Aquabus connections without compromising the reliability or performance of your equipment.

Whether you need to connect additional expansion modules, energy bars, or other Neptune Apex devices in a larger aquarium setup, this extension cable allows you to do so seamlessly. It provides a 15-foot extension, giving you the flexibility to position your equipment exactly where you need it.

At Sustainable Marine, located in Ontario, Canada, we understand the importance of reliable aquarium supplies for maintaining a thriving aquatic environment. That's why we offer the Neptune Aquabus Extension Cable (M/F) 15' EXT (ABUS15EXT) among our selection of high-quality aquarium supplies.

Invest in this extension cable to enhance the functionality and convenience of your Neptune Apex system, ensuring optimal performance for your aquarium setup. Browse our online store today for all your aquarium supply needs, and enjoy sustainable marine solutions with Sustainable Marine!

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