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R.O.E Real Oceanic Eggs 6oz

R.O.E Real Oceanic Eggs 6oz

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These fish eggs are HIGHLY CONCENTRATED so you get more per bottle,
it lasts MUCH longer and you get your money’s worth!

Rich in natural omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and consists of intact eggs with no colouring agents for a balanced diet! According to our Reef Nutrition representative:

  • Fatty acids are excellent for heart health, integral parts of cell membranes
    and precursors for hormones.
  • Fish eggs make a great part of broomstick diet due to the fatty acids and vitamins that help metabolize food for the body and help the body absorb healthy fats
  • R.O.E makes a great addition to the diet of fish - dietary variety is great for fish, and your corals and inverts can eat it too!

The small size and many fishes familiarity with eggs as a natural food source makes R.O.E a great food for incoming fish.

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