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Ecotech RMS Xr15 G5/G6 Slide Bracket (XR726)

Ecotech RMS Xr15 G5/G6 Slide Bracket (XR726)

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The Ecotech RMS Xr15 G5/G6 Slide Bracket (XR726) is a versatile and essential accessory for aquarium supplies. This slide bracket is specifically designed for use with the Ecotech XR15 G5/G6 Radion LED light fixtures. It allows you to easily mount and adjust the position of your XR15 G5/G6 light on your aquarium.

This slide bracket is useful for achieving optimal lighting placement and coverage for your coral reef or freshwater aquarium. It allows you to slide the light fixture horizontally and vertically, ensuring the perfect placement to enhance the growth and coloration of your aquatic plants and corals.

With the Ecotech RMS Xr15 G5/G6 Slide Bracket (XR726), you can effortlessly create a stunning and well-lit aquatic environment. It is designed with durability and precision in mind, ensuring long-lasting performance and ease of use. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced aquarist, investing in this slide bracket is a smart choice for maintaining a beautiful and healthy aquarium.

At Sustainable Marine, located in Ontario, Canada, we offer a wide range of high-quality aquarium supplies, including the Ecotech RMS Xr15 G5/G6 Slide Bracket (XR726). Explore our store to find the best products for your aquatic needs and enjoy sustainable solutions for your marine hobby.

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