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Kolar GFO HC Bayoxide

Kolar GFO HC Bayoxide

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Bayoxide High Capacity GFO (Granular Ferric Oxide) Phosphate Reducer fights tough algae in fresh and saltwater aquariums by rapidly eliminating their phosphate food source. Left unchecked, algae can cause extensive harm to fish, coral and other aquarium life.

Our high-capacity, ultra-pure GFO phosphate reducer absorbs up to 2x more phosphate than our standard phosphate removal media - and keeps them away longer. The result? Clearer water, a healthier tank environment and less time spent cleaning your aquarium.


  • Rapidly removes phosphates on contact
  • Also removes silicates, arsenic and many heavy metals
  • Reduces and prevents stubborn algae growth
  • Highest phosphate removal capacity in saltwater for lasting efficacy
  • Low fines and dust
  • High hardness and density material resists abrasion, ideal for use in reactors
  • Creates a healthier environment for aquatic plants and animals
  • Safe for all fresh and saltwater aquariums, reef tanks, ponds, swimming pools and aquaculture facilities
  • Best used in reefs and high-end marine fish tanks
  • Highly effective in reactors, filters socks, canister filters, and filter cartridge
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