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Neptune DOS QD – Dosing and Fluid Metering System

Neptune DOS QD – Dosing and Fluid Metering System

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Neptune DOS QD - Additives

  • Additives dosing for consistent water chemistry, like alkalinity and calcium, are crucial for maintaining live coral.

  • The DŌS QD is designed to deliver additives slowly and uniformly, throughout the day to better maintain stability.

  • When paired with a Trident or Trident-NP the DOS QD can perform Trident Controlled Dosing, so as water chemistry changes so does the DQD’s

Neptune DOS QD - Water Changes

  • The DŌS QD offers a variable speed motor that can move drops or even gallons (up to 30 gallons a day)
  • Replace large weekly manual water changes with small volume daily automated exchanges.

  • Smaller volume, consistent water changes over time are better at maintaining stability and preventing parameter swings.

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