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Neptune Systems

Neptune Systems SKY LED Aquarium Light (SKY)

Neptune Systems SKY LED Aquarium Light (SKY)

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The Closest To The Sun You Can Get

The SKY is a 200w LED aquarium light, with patented diffuser technology smoothly blending 104 LEDs to create a uniformly blended field of coral-health-optimized light. Taking a cue from nature, the specialized diffuser array mimics the filtering effect of our atmosphere blend the output of the powerful LED array, and solves the common issues of hot spots and disco-ball effects common to most LEDs, achieving the closest output to natural light that we've seen. The SKY also has a large surface area of diffused light at the origin, which emulates the horizon to horizon effect of the atmosphere and noticeably reduces shadowing. The SKY can acheive wider and more even coverage with fewer fixture needed to light your reef aquarium and provide for the health, growth, and color needs of even the most demanding corals.


While there are some that prefer a natural daylight spectrum from their reef lighting, most tend to lean towards a more blue-purple to really make their coral colors pop. No matter what your preference is, the SKY has the programming options and flexibility to acheive the look you desire without sacrificing the quality of light output. 



  • Wired or Wireless Connectivity
  • Apex Integrated or Standalone
  • UV LED Enhanced Color Pop
  • Two Dedicated Moonlights (4 LED)
  • Diffused Light
  • Adjustable Shimmer with Optional Shimz
  • Advanced Thermal Management System
  • Near Silent Operation
  • Low Profile and Lightweight
  • Multiple Mounting Options
  • UL and CE Certified


Apex Connected or Standalone Operation

Those without an Apex can wirelessly connect to the SKY over BT and operate it via their mobile devices. If you do have an Apex controller, the SKY easily joins your Apex ecosystem simply by connecting its integrated AquaBus cable to an available port on one of your modules or the base unit. This makes set up fast and easy. If you have more than one SKY, the included Y-cable can be used to chain them together and still only need one AquaBus connection on your Apex. 


Advanced Thermal Management

The SKY has an advanced approach to thermal management that is more than just the two fans you see.


So, why two fans? With two fans the SKY can operate them at much lower RPM while keeping the LED cooler. Cooler LEDs mean a longer lifespan for your light. Also, running the fans slower means that the SKY is quieter, in fact, its the quietest actively-cooled LED in its power-class. The SKY puts out just 33dB at one meter and set to 100%. The leading competitor clocks in at >40dB at 100% power.


Along with these fans a temperature and power monitoring algorithm manages their speed. If one fan were to fail, the other will pick up the slack and still keep the SKY running and safely cooled until a replacement is obtained. Also, if for some other reason the SKY cannot adequately cool itself, such as excessively high ambient air temperature, it will throttle the power to the LED to keep them safely cool.


Multiple Mounting Options

Many lights on the market force you into purchasing their mounting solution. Neptune decided to broaden your options by adopting a standard already widely used by one of the most popular brands on the market. So, in addition to our optional, sleek black SKY Hanging Kit, you now have many other ways to mount your SKY over your aquarium. This also makes the SKY an even more cost effective option when considering a lighting upgrade. On top of this, we are working closely with 3rd parties to build even more mounting options for our SKY customers.


Compatible Tank Mounts


Adjustable Shimmer

As equipped, and with surface water agitation, the SKY provides a gentle shimmer that suits the tastes of most aquarists. We realized early in the SKY development that when you put a diffuser in front of LED, as many lights do, it tends to kill off nearly ALL shimmer. And that’s not good. So we designed a hybrid diffuser that has clear covers, called Shimz, over four openings in the diffuser where the white LED can shine through with no diffusion. These white LED then bring back the shimmer lost by the diffuser – but in just the right amount. But because not everyone has the same taste, we created an option. If you wish to have even less shimmer, SKY Diffused Shimz can be swapped in – available as an optional purchase.




  • Maximum Spread: 30" x 36"
  • Recommended Spread: 24" x 30"


LED Details

  • 104 LED’s (including uv)
  • Dedicated Moonlights
  • 4 Controllable Channels



  • Dimensions: 12.8 x 9.25
  • Power Input: 100-240VAC 1.8A 50/60Hz
  • Variable Usage (MAX): 219W
  • Mounting Kit: Sold Separately


What's Included?

  • SKY LED Light
  • 219w Meanwell Power Supply
  • Aquabus Y-Cable
  • Orange Logo (pre-installed)
  • Gray Logo
  • 4x M5 Mounting Screws
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