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Apex-Pods 6oz

Apex-Pods 6oz

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(Live Apocyclops panamensis copepods)
We are Reef Nutrition's newest reef rock stars, Apex-Pods™ (Apocyclops panamensis)—100% aquacultured copepods. And we got the moves! We swim upwards in a stimulating, jerky dance that fish and hobbyists find irresistible. Here are many reasons you want us in your tank:

Irresistible to finicky eaters

Our fans include finicky fish and invertebrates such as mandarins, pipefish, anthias, wrasses, SPS, LPS and soft corals, and other filter feeders. They love us for our good looks, nutritional profile, and small size. We're significantly smaller than T. californicus copepods (stage 1 nauplii are approximately 70 microns; adults are approximately 600 to 700 microns —compared to T. californicus adults that are 1000-1500 microns).

Many reef rock stars could care less about housekeeping, but we like a clean and tidy tank! We play an important role in the tank ecosystem as detritivores: We groove on consuming decaying organic waste left behind by other organisms, diatoms and other nuisance algae. We are also very hardy, and tolerate a wide range of salinity and temperature. We can really rock a variety of tank venues.

Due to the sensitive nature of live pods, they can only be shipped with livestock because they require a temperature-controlled environment.

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